King Francis: Spam

FrancisII’m on vacation this week, taking the little Curmudgeons to Disney World.   So I am lightening the blog load by posting some somewhat off-topic items that I wrote in advance.   Since I may literally be in Fantasyland when you read this, I am taking as my theme one of my favorite fantasies, that I am King of America and can rearrange things as I see fit.  Today, the topic is email spam.

Henceforth, there will be a federal tax of 1/100 of a cent on every email sent to a US email address. Each citizen will receive an annual $1 credit, meaning that the first 10,000 emails they send in a year will be free.

Poof.  No more spam.

Well, at least no more ads for male enhancement pills and desperate entreaties from relatives of deposed African dictators.  Legitimate businesses may find that sending emails to a relatively focused list of recipients is worth the $100 per million cost.  We can live with that.

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