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How to Bet Against Your Marriage

Wedding Book Crop - Jason HutchensHappy with your current spouse but concerned that you may not make it to death do us part? It is not an unreasonable fear. According to government data, compiled by, of all agencies, the Centers for Disease Control, about one  third of first marriages end in divorce before their tenth anniversary.

Don’t worry. To paraphrase Apple marketing, there’s a derivative for that. You can now buy divorce insurance. Pioneered by a new on-line outfit called WedLock, it is available in 46 states and the UK.

Here’s how it works. You pay monthly premiums for four years. If you get divorced after that, you get a check to help ease your pain and pay expenses. (Sadly, you cannot bet against the marriages of others.)

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The Market for Used Life Insurance

Brasner Mug ShotI will admit that what got me to click on the article at the Wall Street Journal was the mug-shot-like picture of the sad middle-aged guy who could really use a shave.

Turns out, the picture is mug-shot-like because it is, in fact, a mug shot. The ennui filled subject is one Steven Brasner, a Florida life insurance salesman. He has the unmistakable look of a man who’s entire life has suddenly come crashing down around him.

I feel for the guy. It is not like the insurance thing was just a cover for some glamorously dangerous life of high-stakes crime. In that case you might expect an expression of I-knew-they’d-get-me-eventually resignation or perhaps an I’ll-beat-the-rap defiance. No, Brasner really sold insurance for a living.

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