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Frank Has a Job

More or less.Cubicles crop Asa Wilson

I am pleased to report that I once again have a reason to put on a tie every day. I’ve signed on with an investment management start-up in Boston. Details are not relevant here, but bottom line is that my thinking hours are now consumed by commercial activity, to the exclusion of, among other amusements, this blog.

Of course, start-ups are fragile things. For all I know I’ll be back here by summer. Either way, I’m going to keep paying the (very small) fees involved in keeping this site up for those who find my old posts worth reading. Google still sends a steady stream of readers this way on daily basis so I guess some of you must still find this stuff of use.

Once again, to all my readers, loyal and otherwise, a heartfelt thanks for allowing a curmudgeon to ramble on a bit.

[Photo: Asa Wilson]

Hiatus Again

Sorry. You have probably noticed that I’ve been failing to post on my usual schedule lately. Non-blog life is once again rearing its ugly head in a higher-priority way.

For the next few weeks, likely through the holidays, I will be engaged in another of my quixotic efforts at attaining actual employment. Everybody keep fingers crossed.

So, once again, I am officially declaring a Bad Money Advice hiatus. And, once again, let me take this opportunity to thank all the members of my ego-boosting cult-like following. Please try and notice that I am not around.

Can You Hear Me Now?

I think I’ve got everything working again, but it’s hard to tell.

Realizing that if you can read this, the site is more or less working for you, I would nevertheless appreciate emails from readers still having problems of one kind or another.

Please Stand By…

We are experiencing technical difficulties at BMA. I realize that the site may seem just fine to many of you, but others have been getting malware attacks and/or very slow load times. Instead of posting today, I will be attempting to fix them once and for all.

Vacation Week

I’m vacationing with the wife and kiddies this week, so no bitter and curmudgeonly posts. I’ll be back after Labor Day, all rested and acerbic.Beach crop

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