Bad Money Advice on Hiatus

I have decided to take a break from Bad Money Advice for a bit.

I currently have four major projects going on in my life, of which BMA is one. Together, the four take up a considerable amount of time, roughly in line with Keyboard a-Michael Maggs what I used to devote to working back when I had a job. The key difference being that I am not getting paid (yet) for any of it.

Giving up some time with the kids is only just forgivable if you are making six figures. If I must be unemployed, I had better be able to enjoy the upside of plentiful leisure time.

And although none of the non-blog projects I have going can properly be called a job, they each have some potential to develop into one. This is not the case for BMA, which, although successful by many measures, is not now, nor will ever be, a meaningful source of income. (A few PF bloggers do make a nice living, but by design BMA will never be that mainstream.)

I am not shutting BMA down. The site will remain up and I expect to get back to it as my other interests wane in importance and/or the time they require.

Bad Money Advice has given me what every middle-aged American man secretly wants, a small but devoted cult-like following. And for this I am grateful. For the few thousand of you that regularly read BMA, thanks for your interest and please watch this space.

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