Frugal Friday Feb. 20

It’s that time again! Here is this week’s highlights from the Frugalosphere.

Lots of questions, sublime and mundane, were asked and mostly answered this week. Lazy Man and Money asked if wine tasting was a frugal hobby. Why, yes, it is. Wine drinking, on the other hand, could set you back a few dollars. Free Money Finance asked Should Christians Have Life Insurance? Again the answer is yes, provided you do not buy more than you need, which apparently raises thorny theological issues. (Possible follow-up posts: Should Muslims Drive Volvos? Should Jews Own a Tivo?)

I am not sure how I missed it last week, but here is one last Valentine’s Day tip from The Frugal Duchess. Instead of purchasing new cards every year, why not exchange old ones with your spouse? (Husbands note: according to the Duchess, an actual female, this is “romantic.”) Ideally, a couple could swap the same two cards every February 14th for decades.
Ever the one to court controversy, Bargaineering makes the argument in favor of homemade laundry detergent. This is in response to Frugal Dad’s heretical post in which he said that homemade detergent was “not for us” and asked “is it really worth the few dollars saved?” Bargaineering helpfully includes a recipe (washing soda, baking soda, borax, and, of all things, soap) for the adherents to the Frugal True Faith.
Speaking of Frugal Dad, this week he has an insightful post on how to save money at sporting events. There are five tips, but they boil down to a) smuggling in your own food and drink, which is strictly forbidden at most venues or b) watching the game on TV at home.

Rounding out the week’s frugal posts, and questions, our old friend Almost Frugal (Y’know, the one in the French Alps) asked on Wednesday Is a Broken Dishwasher an Emergency? It seems that her dishwasher gave up the ghost and instead of spending 400 Euros of her emergency fund, she plans to just do the dishes for her family by hand. At last count there were 31 comments on the post, nearly of all of which patted her on the back for her brilliant money saving decision. But none of them quantified her savings, which I, as a trained professional, am happy to do for you here.

Assuming that the 400 Euros earn 5% interest (a generous assumption, but this is the land of the 35 hour work week, so anything is possible) then the money she is not spending on a dishwasher is earning 20 Euros a year. And that works out to becoming richer by almost 5.5 Eurocents (or 7 of our US cents) every day! 7 cents just to do the dishes for a family of five? Where do I sign up?

I would post my calculations as comment #32, but due to context sensitive advertising, the blog post is accompanied by about a dozen ads for new dishwashers. That’s like a brewer sponsoring an AA meeting, and I will have none of it.

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  • By Alex, January 2, 2011 @ 1:58 am

    Man, love your Frugal Friday series. Haven’t been laughing as much for a long time…

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