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Frugal Friday Back to School Edition

As we all know, the frugalosphere is a seasonal beast. August brought, of course, the usual spate of back to school tips. Most were obvious and ordinary, although Coupon Shoebox did suggest that “If your child is old Milky Way enough to be earning some money, or if you provide an allowance, you can consider letting him or her buy one or two supplies.” They will thank you someday.

Also possibly seasonal, perhaps brought on by the high temperatures that put us all in thrift store shorts and tank tops, was more than the usual amount of discussion of the intersection of frugality and weight loss.

Wise Bread explained Why Going to the Gym Is a Waste of Money, Time, and Resources by disclosing the little known fact that exercise does not help you lose weight. They cite an article in Time which uses “solid-sounding research and academic experts.” This is good news for the frugal, who need no longer struggle with the conflict between the desire to sweat through “no pain no gain” at the gym and the desire to sacrifice the monthly expense of a membership.

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Frugal Friday Dog Days Edition

The hopeful promise of spring has now been fulfilled by the sticky and oppressive heat of summer. But that just means more opportunities for frugality, summer-style.

MigrantMother Free Money Finance gave us a list of ways to save on golf. A few were obvious, including using cheaper clubs and fishing in ponds to find lost balls. But also it discussed the frugal strategy of befriending people with memberships in golf clubs so you can play as a guest without having to join yourself. The key is finding suitable marks. “When meeting people for the first time at different social events or just by random chance, be sure to throw in your golfing interest in conversation.” Good tip.

Meeting the right sort is often a problem for us frugalists. Penniless Parenting reminds us that if our current friends just don’t get it, we need to find new ones. But where? “Try finding new friends in places that are geared towards the thrifty; perhaps hanging out in bargain shops or striking up conversations with people at garage sales….” You meet the best people at thrift stores. Just be sure and bring up golf.

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Frugal Friday May and June

I missed last month’s Frugal Friday, so today’s edition has to cover two months of developments on the frugal front. However, for better or worse, it does not look like I missed very much while I was gone.Toilet Paper Brandon Blinkenberg

The usual recurring themes recurred. Free Money Finance linked to a post at the Blog that rated commonly used fonts on the amount of ink used.

Penniless Parenting had a post revisiting that old chestnut, reusable toilet paper. Of course, we all do that already. But she did have a nice idea for a nifty homemade dispenser, with pictures.

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Frugal Friday – Mother’s Day Edition

It took longer than I thought it would to distill the best tips and frugal philosophy from the past month, so Frugal Friday is appearing late. I am sure you will agree it was worth the wait.

Leading off, there was another high-profile mention of one of the best money saving tips ever seen here, switching to printer fonts that use less ink. Alas,Lula with Alum Roll this one, at WiseBread, failed to bring up my follow-up idea, using shorter words and words that contain less ink-intensive letters.

WiseBread also brought us 12 Surprising Ways to Reuse Aluminum Foil. It is not a bad list, but I am not sure the word surprising can be applied to washing and reusing foil for its intended purpose. It does share the tidbit that “10th wedding anniversaries are traditionally celebrated by exchanging gifts made of aluminum.” I guess there is no romance like frugal romance. But they missed completely a 13th use, as headgear.

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Frugal Friday for Spring

Right on schedule, March went out like a lamb. The daffodils in my front yard are swaying in the breeze and that special occasion that marks theCattle Crop cultural start of spring for many of us comes this Sunday. (It’s the start of the baseball season. What did you think I meant?)

In the frugalosphere, March was a time for both revisiting old ideas and exploring new ones. We had a follow-up from Provident Planning on Bambi the male “cow” being raised in a back yard for beef. It has an embedded 61 second video of the beast eating grass.

And one of my favorite frugal tips from last year made a sudden resurgence. It took a while, but apparently fonts chosen, and in some cases designed, to save printer ink are finally getting some traction. Not much mention of my suggestion to favor words that contain ink-saving letters, such as i and l, over such ink-hogs as e and w, but I am sure that the frugal world will get to that soon enough.

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