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Bad Money Advice on Hiatus

I have decided to take a break from Bad Money Advice for a bit.

I currently have four major projects going on in my life, of which BMA is one. Together, the four take up a considerable amount of time, roughly in line with Keyboard a-Michael Maggs what I used to devote to working back when I had a job. The key difference being that I am not getting paid (yet) for any of it.

Giving up some time with the kids is only just forgivable if you are making six figures. If I must be unemployed, I had better be able to enjoy the upside of plentiful leisure time.

And although none of the non-blog projects I have going can properly be called a job, they each have some potential to develop into one. This is not the case for BMA, which, although successful by many measures, is not now, nor will ever be, a meaningful source of income. (A few PF bloggers do make a nice living, but by design BMA will never be that mainstream.)

I am not shutting BMA down. The site will remain up and I expect to get back to it as my other interests wane in importance and/or the time they require.

Bad Money Advice has given me what every middle-aged American man secretly wants, a small but devoted cult-like following. And for this I am grateful. For the few thousand of you that regularly read BMA, thanks for your interest and please watch this space.

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Plutus Awards

I’m breaking my usual Thursday vow of silence to pass along the news that Bad Money Advice has been nominated for a Plutus Award. I am particularly proud of the category: Most Controversial Personal Finance Blog. Fans of BMA might want to drop by the site and show their support. I’d appreciate it, and the other nominees may as well, as they likely achieved controversy less intentionally.

We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties

The Internet connection at the Curmudgeon household is down, and I am way too old to blog from Starbucks. Please stay tuned.

No Post, Summer

Beach crop Summer, culturally speaking, arrives tonight.  This impending event seems to have cleansed my brain of post ideas.  So no proper post today.  I’ll be back all refreshed and bitterly appalled on Tuesday.

A few random things in the meantime.

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Adminstrative Announcement

This weekend I will be attempting to switch this blog over from one hosting environment to another, something that will allow for more flexibility and features in the future. The look of the blog will change somewhat right away, and probably continue to morph over the next few weeks as I twiddle with things.

I mention this because the switch-over may cause a short term outage at some point today or tomorrow. Of course, if you are reading this, the blog is obviously currently up.

[Update: Blog is now safely up in WordPress on new host, so hopefully no more downtime.  But theme is ugly and none of the internal links function.  Workin' on it....]

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