Notes from Zombieland

I don’t see why West Coast playoff games can’t start at a reasonable East Coast time. Sure, a start at, say 4pm LA time would reduce productivity out Caruso Clownthere in the late afternoon, but all of New England are zombies today and there is another game tonight starting at 9:30.

So no post, just a few thoughts from my sleep deprived brain.

Obama Wins What?

It took a long time for me to process the news of the morning. I kept blinking and trying to focus on the screen better, because obviously I was still not fully awake.

I’ll be the first to admit I can’t think of anybody else who deserves a prize for peace this year. But seriously, Obama? For giving us hope? And bravely taking a stand in favor or nuclear disarmament? For real? To their credit, the folks in the White House are obviously just as head-scratchingly stunned as the rest of us.

They should be worried. Presidential Peace Prizes have a pretty grim record. In hindsight, Roosevelt’s 1906 prize was for prolonging the Tsarist regime another dozen years and Wilson’s 1919 prize was for the most disastrous peace settlement in history.

FTC v. Bloggers

For eight long years our nation suffered the unchecked ravages of capitalism as the Bush Administration did nothing. Now that the new sheriff is in town things are going to change. For example, the newly emboldened Federal Trade Commission is finally tackling that scourge of American consumers: the blogger who reviews an item without fully disclosing that he or she got a free sample for review. It’s about time.

Actually, the FTC released new rules on the broader topic of endorsements and testimonials in advertizing, of which the blogging bit was just a small and spectacularly ill-informed part. But it underlines a growing divide in America, between those of us who spend at least some time on line and at a minimum understand how new media works, and the idiots.

Citi Report Anybody?

Speaking of spending time on line, according to InfectiousGreed, there exists "a new Citi report" that claims that we spend an average of 21% of our time online, amongst some other barely plausible claims. I assume this is a brokerage report from CitiGroup. Does anybody out there have a copy they can send me? I’m sure I’d enjoy it.

Unforgettable Headlines

One of my favorite daily reads is the feature Best of the Web Today. It’s not that easy to find or even link to, but worth the effort. The political slant may be a bit heavy (right) handed, but the bitter humor and mischief never fails to make me smile.

For example, not only do they refer to Paul Krugman as "former Enron adviser Paul Krugman" but they use "former Enron advisor" as the link text to his column, which is funny if you know how search engines work.

But the best part is the links to headlines from around the world. Recent highlights include:

Extreme Squirreling Teams Sought

Know your limits: Australian race fans told to keep to 24 cans of beer a day

Survey: Miami Full of Hot, Dumb People

Dead deer in clown suit left on Iowa porch – Key quote is "Officers suspect it was a prank" which is reassuring. Other possible explanation is a very obscure Sicilian Mafia threat?

One gay man, two lesbians, a three-legged cat and a poisoned curry plot


Have I nice three day weekend, everybody. I think maybe I’ll take a nap now.

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