No Post, Summer

Beach crop Summer, culturally speaking, arrives tonight.  This impending event seems to have cleansed my brain of post ideas.  So no proper post today.  I’ll be back all refreshed and bitterly appalled on Tuesday.

A few random things in the meantime.

What’s New at The Wall Street Journal

Yesterday the Wall Street Journal ran a short item on low-priced stocks.  The summary on the main page read “New evidence suggests that lower-price stocks are likely to outperform expensive ones.”  The text was about a study of stock prices over the period 1905 – 2006.  I guess their definition of “new evidence” is different than mine.

I haven’t read the academic paper in question (no link!) but my recollection on the topic is that although lower priced stocks do outperform higher priced ones, this is entirely accounted for by the higher risk involved.

A Totally Cool Map

Speaking of academic studies that are a few years old, Matthew T. Campbell of East Central University (Oklahoma) produced this.  Note correlation to voting patterns.

Comments on the Comments

Obviously, the best parts of this blog are the bits I write, but the bits written by others come a close second.  I’m not sure how many of you regularly read the comments.  The rule of thumb that one reader in a hundred writes a comment seems to be working out so far, and my 1% are doing an excellent job.  The comments are mostly thoughtful, occasionally humorous, and once in a while keep me honest by pointing out errors I’ve made.  If you haven’t been reading them, give ‘em a try.

Don’t Sue Me

The Wall Street Journal ran an article about how bloggers are getting sued a lot lately.  Welcome to America.  I’m waiting for the WSJ’s upcoming item “Ten Scary Reasons not to Start a Blog and Compete with Us.”

A Reason to get an iPhone

Just out is Thumbble, an app that will suggest things to do in 27 cities based (partly) on your mood.  Unfortunately for me, although “dorky” is a mood choice, “bitter” and “appalled” are not.


  • By Matt, May 22, 2009 @ 3:24 pm

    First Post! Just you wait. Eventually we’ll all compete for this glory, and a majority of our comments will be pointless, just like this one.

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