Frugal Friday, Mayday Edition

It was a rather light month in the frugalosphere.  I am certain this does not mean that the trendsetters of the frugal lifestyle have run out of ideas.  Could it be an early indication of strengthening economy?  Did Tax and/or Earth Day distract bloggers from the frugal cause?   I hope not.iPhone

I got my hopes up when I saw that there was a post entitled Suggesting Frugal Alternatives to Friends at Art of the Coupon.  I was expecting something on how things like Second Life, and, uh, blogging, are cheaper than having actual friends.  Sadly, it’s about how to suggest doing less expensive things with your friends, not getting rid of them entirely.

Bargaineering had a detailed post on how to make your own breadcrumbs.  More than just a recipe, the post has great tips, for example, that breadcrumbs make good gifts.

Speaking of useful tips, How I Save Money introduced me to the concept of reusable cloth wipes to replace toilet paper.  Now I concede that this is the obvious next step from using cloth diapers, but I see an obvious objection.  If a frugalist does this they will have no toilet paper tubes to reuse in frugal ways.

Continuing in the household cleaning theme, Frugal Upstate discussed the Swiffer.  It’s a must-have to clean hardwood floors, but it’s upsettingly unfrugal, as it uses disposable cleaning pads, which cost 44 cents each.  Not to worry, you can make your own pads.  For example, the post shows where you can get a pattern to knit one.

Bargain Babe had another good household tip.  If you have to run your bath or shower for a bit to let the water heat up, why not save that water in a bucket and then use it to flush the toilet?

She also had two posts (here and here) with ways to save money with your iPhone.  For example, you can use your $300-to-buy-plus-$70-a-month phone to run an app called Small Spend which “makes it easy to see exactly where your money’s going so you can make adjustments in your spending habits.”

And finally, Associate Money brings news of a way to save on food I hadn’t heard of before: grocery auctions.  Apparently, grocery stores hold auctions of their expired and damaged goods.  And in case you are the kind to worry about such things, Associate Money assures us that “Though the quality and flavor may decline, the food is technically safe to eat.”

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