King Francis: Marriage

FrancisI I’m on vacation this week, taking the little Curmudgeons to Disney World.   So I am lightening the blog load by posting some somewhat off-topic items that I wrote in advance.   Since I may literally be in Fantasyland when you read this, I am taking as my theme one of my favorite fantasies, that I am King of America and can rearrange things as I see fit.  Today, the topic is government recognition of marriage.

When I am king, there shall be no government sanctioned marriages.  Adults may have whatever domestic arrangements they like, blessed or not by the religious organization of their choice, but this will have no impact on their legal rights, the taxes they pay, or the benefits they receive from any government program.

Every time I see or read some impassioned friend or foe of same-sex marriage make their case I keep asking myself why so much energy goes into  something so entirely symbolic.   It is as if the concept of a marriage license was invented just so we could have something to fight over.  So I say  enough.  Do what you like.  It’s a free country.  (Except that it is ruled my me, your king.)


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