Frugal Friday

Fridays sometimes put me in a certain mood. I thought I might highlight a few frugality tips from this week in the blogosphere:

Free Money Finance asks can you pay for a Costco membership by eating free samples? That is, if roaming the store and snarfing up food samples can substitute for a meal, would that savings be enough to cover the annual membership fee? I’ve read this post several times now, and I really think it’s a serious question.

The Frugal Mom Blog has a list of even more amazing ways to save money on food. My favorite is saving the wrappers from your sticks of butter to grease baking pans. If you baked enough, I estimate that you could save the equivalent of an entire stick of butter in a year. Now that’s real money.

The Frugal Duchess had two posts listing ways to watch the inauguration for free, assuming you do not own a TV. The answer is that you could have watched it on any one of several obvious websites, e.g. or (You may not have a TV, but you’ve obviously got high-speed web access, right?) Also, it turns out that it was on every TV in every public area in the nation. Come to think of it, a post listing ways to manage to spend money watching the inauguration would have been more interesting.

Rounding out the week’s insights, The New York Times’ Frugal Traveller reports that Cape Cod is cheap to visit in January. How true. In a similar vein, I will add that admission to Fenway Park is much cheaper on days that the Red Sox are not playing.

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